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Property law is a legal framework that governs the rights, ownership, and use of real and personal property. It encompasses the rules surrounding the acquisition, transfer, and disposition of property, as well as the legal relationships between property owners, tenants, and others. Property law covers a diverse range of issues, including land ownership, boundary disputes, adverse possession, easements, mortgages, leases, and zoning regulations. It defines the rights and responsibilities of property owners, outlining their ability to use, modify, or transfer their property. This area of law also addresses issues of title, which establish ownership legitimacy, and encumbrances, such as liens and easements, that can impact property rights. Property law varies by jurisdiction and plays a critical role in defining the legal parameters of land and asset ownership within a society.

Agreement for sale - Purchase, conveyance, Deemed Conveyance, title certificate, leave & License. All types of agreement. documentation & litigation.

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