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Stamp duty registration for societies, company and Individual is a legal requirement in many jurisdictions, including India, to authenticate and record various transactions and agreements. It is primarily used to give legal validity to documents and to ensure that the government receives the appropriate revenue from these transactions.

For societies, stamp duty registration is typically required for documents related to the formation and operation of cooperative housing societies, welfare associations, or similar entities. This includes registration of the society's bylaws, transfer of property to the society, and other agreements that affect its functioning.

In the context of companies, stamp duty registration is necessary for various corporate transactions and documents. This can include the incorporation of the company, issuance of shares, transfer of shares, and execution of contracts or deeds that involve the company.

The stamp duty rate and specific requirements may vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the document. Failure to properly stamp and register documents can result in legal complications and financial penalties.

For the Individual for purchasing or selling any property one has to registered the legal documents for transferring the ownership of their properties.

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