Succession law, also known as inheritance law or estate law, governs the transfer of property, assets, and rights from a deceased person to their heirs or beneficiaries. It outlines the legal procedures for distributing a person's estate, addressing issues such as wills, intestacy (when there's no will), probate (the legal process of validating a will), and estate taxes. Succession law ensures that the deceased's wishes are respected while providing a structured framework for resolving disputes and ensuring fairness among heirs. It covers the rights of surviving spouses, children, and other relatives to inherit property. This area of law also addresses complex matters such as trusts, fiduciary duties of executors, and guardianship of minor heirs. Succession law is essential for individuals to plan their estates and for societies to manage the orderly transfer of wealth and assets across generations.

Preparing will & Registering the same & completing total procedure for obtaining probate, succession, letter of Administration etc.

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